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2019 Autumn subscription of the Chamber Hall series “Personally”

2019 Autumn subscription of the Chamber Hall series “Personally”

 The Chamber Hall series is PERSONALLY designed to enjoy small-format concerts of various genres in a closer, relaxed and personal atmosphere. Once a month, on Sundays, the autumn subscription will provide you with a real musical holiday! It will be an opportunity to hear sophisticated concerts of different genres (from classics to world music), as well as meet musicians personally in an informal atmosphere, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

 Four concerts are included in the Autumn subscription of the Chamber Hall series “Personally”.

   1. Sunday, 22 September, at 15:00: Vestards Šimkus. Concert show “Novecento”
"Novecento" tells the story about the fate of an extraordinary musician, who was raised on a ship, never stepping foot on land. He plays the piano like no one else before. The outstanding pianist Vestards Šimkus will take on the role of a musician - the pianist, as he is the author of this show’s music. Narrated by Kristaps Ķeselis, actor at the Latvian National Theatre.

   2. Sunday, 20 October, at 15:00: A Conversation with Bach
A conversation between harpsichordist Ieva Saliete and guitarist Matīss Čudars on sounds across ages and borders, sometimes leading to astonishment of Bach's bold and surprisingly free searches of expression for musical thoughts, which quite often coincide with the spiritual desires of modern man for the once-beautiful and elusive.

   3. Sunday, 10 November, at 15:00: Exile Meditations. Riga Vocal Quartet
Riga Vocal Quartet, consisting of the best ensemble singers in Latvia, will perform "Exile Meditations" by the British contemporary composer Gabriel Jackson, combining Latvian poetry with manuscripts from Middle Eastern refugees, as well as "The Little Match Girl Passion" by the famous American composer David Lang.

   4. Sunday, 8 December, at 15:00: India Meets Turkey Traveller’s Prayer
Crystal clear voice and unusual musical instruments A meeting between the traditional cultures of India and Turkey. This concert will take you to far-off lands, allow you to enjoy Eastern colours and experience the freshness of the soul through music.
Typical to the Chamber Hall series “Personally" - meeting the musicians after the concert for a chance to enjoy conversations in an informal atmosphere with a cup of coffee from the sponsor Andrito Kafijas Grauzdētava.
Subscription to all four “Personally” concerts is available at a very reasonable price of EUR 30. Price available until 1 June. No discounts are applicable to the subscription. Tickets to separate concerts from the series “Personally” available from June 1st.

Venue: Chamber Hall
Organised by: Great Amber