Saturday 16:00
DASNUMATIKA / Drawing opera for the whole family

The performance is based on Charles Dickens's story, which is about the human ability to become generous. Drawing opera combines theater, music (Kaspars Zemītis's composition with Anna Auziņa's lyrics), drawing and contemporary dance (choreographer Agnese Bordjukova). "Dasnumatika" (Generousmatics) is characterized by a visually bright, easy understandable language, which is equally attractive to children, young people as well as adults, allowing the whole family to engage in the event. 

Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir TIARA
Actors Klāvs Mellis and Marta Grase or Ilze Āboltiņa
Singers Jānis Kurševs un Gustavs Melbārdis
Musician ensemble
Directed by Varis Klausītājs

Place: Chamber hall
Tickets: 6 EUR
Organiser: Association "Draw a theater"