MONDAY 16:00
Harpsichord. Five centuries / Aina Kalnciema
The most experienced and well known Latvian harpsichord soloist Aina Kalnciema will reveal the variety of musical styles and moods in her solo recital of opuses from different centuries, starting with sonatas of the baroque period of Domeniko Skarlatti, creative works of Dmitry Bortņansk and Jozeph Nicola Roe, and in the end the compositions of contemporary Latvian authors - “Nocturne of pain and hope” by Juris Karlsons, “Super Flomina Babylonis...” by Rihards Dubra and Cantata by Pēteris Vasks.

Tickets: € 7,00 – 10,00
Venue: Chamber Hall
Organiser: Great Amber

Domeniko Skarlati (Domenico Scarlatti) (1685 – 1757)

Sonata K69 Sonata K186, Sonata K239, Sonata K87, Sonata K27, Sonata K380, Sonata K492

Dmitrijs Bortņanskis (Dmitry Bortniansky) (1751 – 1825)

Sonata C – dur

   Allegro moderator

   Adagio con espressione

   Rondo (Allegretto)

Jozefs Nikolā Rojē (Joseph Nicolas Pancrace Royer) (1705 – 1755)

Juris Karlsons (1948)

Sāpju cerību noktirne

Peteris Vasks (1946)