sestdiena 19:00
IN BLUE Operetta New Year's Concert
Participants – Anta Jankovska (soprano/Italy), Nauris Indzeris (baritone) and other soloists from the Latvian Operetta foundation. The operetta orchestra conducted by Guntars Bernāts, Harijs Bašs (piano)

During the concert, you will hear Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin, popular operetta hits by Johann Strauss and some musical surprises. Festive spark and the hazard of youth in Viennese operettas, especially in the charming music from the Strauss’s dynasty composers at Operetta New Year Concerts! Let’s enjoy life and the festive spirit of New Year’s Eve with operetta! The Latvian Operetta Foundation pursues the Viennese New Year Concert tradition in Latvia.

New and talented soloists, special guest - pianist Harijs Bašs and blues!

Place: Great Hall
Organised by: Via Cultura