LAF. Discussion “Future projections between science fiction and fake news”
We cannot deny that modern-day reality resembles sci-fi at times, and, when following information in the media, it is often hard to believe that what we see and hear is actually happening. Science fiction, in turn, knowingly creates fictional characters and has thus been able to predict both future utopias and dystopias. Its aim is to provide biting commentary on the current situation as well as envision alternative futures.

How reliable are the news, sources and facts that fill our informational space every day? How often do we notice detectable or skillful manipulations and are able to discover their root? Unlike sci-fi, fake news insists on truthfulness, thus creating varying interpretations of both the past and future projections. If left undiscovered, it inevitably affects our view of the world and our ability to make decisions.

How do we imagine a future where critical evaluation overpowers the existence of fake news? What role could contemporary art play in this process? A discussion on these topics will be moderated by the director of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, art curator, historian and critic Solvita Krese. Art curator Andra Silapētere and literary critic and media theorist Ilva Skulte.

The event is free of admission, but participation must be booked in advance. APPLY

Place: Great Amber, 2nd floor gallery

Organized by: Great Amber in collaboration with the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and Goethe-Institut Riga as a satellite program of the project Komunalka Community. The discussion will pursue the topics of the exhibition Unexpected Encounters. Stop No. 3 displayed in the art space Civita Nova.

Supported by: Federal Foreign Office the Federal Republic of Germany, Liepāja City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation.