friday 17:30
LMF. Opening of the new media art exhibition “Starpliktuvē” (in the Clipboard)

Technology expands a person's abilities, allowing it to almost beat itself and the laws of nature by stopping time, transforming space and matter. At least in a recording. It is amazing what technology can do. And slightly frightening. Iron floors move like beasts, you can hear voices from the past, and the artificial intelligence in learning to explore the world and process an incredible amount of information. Will it beat humanity? Are the unexplained text messages coming from the deceased? Will it ever be possible to be in two places at once?

When interacting with technologies, people often have exaggerated expectations and unfair prejudice towards the true performance of technology. At the exhibition "in the Clipboard", Liepaja's New Media artists are exploring what the Dutch media theorist Eric Kluitenberg calls imaginary media, by demystifying technologies in their work and letting the audience physically step into the image rooms and explore what is saved on the clipboard.

Exhibition artists and their work:
Pēters Riekstiņš / Jānis Jankevics “Garāmgājējs” (By-passer) (interactive video installation, 2014)
Uldis Hasners “Hillaryous” (interactive video installation, 2018)
Rasma Kroģere, Diana Mikanova “Dream Cloud” (sound installation, 2018)
Gustavs Lociks “Spectating the Groundhog Day” (video, 2018)
Krista Dintere, Reinis Naļivaiko “Introverti” (sound installation, 2017)
Paula Vītola “Saules celiņi” (Sun Roads) (sound – light installation, 2017– now) etc.
Ieva Vīksne will perform at the opening ceremony with a brain-driven musical performance.

Curators – Anna Priedola, Ieva Vīksne.

Exhibition open until 30 October.

Free entry.

Opening Times: Mon.-Sat. 10-19, Sun. 10-15

Venue: Art Space “Civita Nova”

Organised by: “Great Amber” in cooperation with E-LAB Electronic Art and Media Centre and Liepaja University Art Research Laboratory