saturday 18:00

The Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Sigvards Kļava will perform a concert with an insight of the choir program "Poetry in Music by Ojārs Vācietis and Imants Ziedonis". In order to create an image of the values of Latvian choir music and poetry, listeners will have the opportunity to hear the texts of two talented poets who acquired their form in the soundscapes of composers Imants Kalniņš and Arturs Maskats.

The program is designed as the essence of two Latvian Radio concert programs. "Imants and Ziedonis", which consists of music by Imants Kalniņš and texts by Imants Ziedonis; as well as voice recordings of the poet, perform in the program "Vācietis. Piano Concert” - a tribute to the great and popular Latvian poet, a celebration of his rich heritage. "Piano Concert" is considered the most brilliant work by Vācietis, confirmed by the fact that during the year of the premiere, the concert program was recognized as one of the most striking events of the year not just in theatre, but Latvian cultural life as well!

Composer Arturs Maskats: “Ojārs Vācietis is the only poet accompanying me throughout my life. Not only time and other people, I myself have changed as well, but Vācietis has remained constant.’’

Listeners will have the opportunity to enjoy the collaboration and creative touch of Imants Kalniņš, Imants Ziedonis, Ojārs Vācietis and Arturs Maskats in a close emotional connection, as well as in the search for essence of spiritual existence.

Latvian Radio Choir
Dace Kļava /piano/
Mārtiņš Zilberts /piano/
Artūrs Noviks /accordion/
Mārcis Lipskis /contrabass/
Conductor: Sigvards Kļava
The program includes:
Arturs Maskats, Ojārs Vācietis - songs from the musical performance “Vācietis. Piano Concert.” Imants Kalniņš and Imants Ziedonis - songs from the musical performance “Imants and Ziedonis”.
Duration: approx. 60 min, I part
Tickets: starting from EUR 7
Ticket prices may change as the event approaches.

School children, students, teachers, seniors - 25%
Seniors with group I and II disabilities, and their carers - 50%
Family tickets - 1 or 2 adults + 2 children (or more) – 25%
Group tickets:
10-30 persons - 20%
30 and more persons - 25%

Venue: Great Hall in cooperation with Latvijas Koncerti
Organised by: Great Amber