Thursday 13:00
THE SOUL OF A WOLF / Children’s vocal ensembles performance
Gints Grāvelis (narrator) / Roberta Kumsāre, Eremijs Sējāns, Andris Sējāns (voices) / Reinis Sējāns, Andris Sējāns (composers & musicians)

In this song and dance performance for families 12 children’s vocal ensembles (approx. 160 singers) from all around Latvia tell a story of two different worlds – that of wolves and of humans. It is a story about relationship, humanity and the desire to hear yourself and others, experienced through the life of a little wolf cub.

Tickets: from € 7.00 / for groups € 4.00

Venue: Great Hall
Organised by: Great Amber in cooperation with Sanita Sējāne