Sunday 15:00
Inese Galante, the outstanding vocalist and patroness of new talents, has planned to delight every resident of Latvia by presenting on the 100th anniversary of Latvia a new concert program “With Love from Inese Galante!”. It will be a true celebration of music and love!

In the new concert program, arias of love and musical pieces of the most beautiful operas will be performed – romantic soul stories which will touch, inspire and lift anyone, creating an unforgettable magic of music. And above all – love which flows from heart to heart, from song to song.

Together with soprano Inese Galante and the favoured talented pianist Aivars Kalējs, this concert also includes the laureates of Inese Galante talent competitions – vocalists and musicians.

Pure, clear, perfect acoustic sound. Such a concert format is becoming increasingly popular around the world, because artists allow the listeners to enjoy the true magic of the music – every sound, every moment!

Inese Galante is planning to surprise listeners with some first performance as well. It will be a concert that will touch everyone, because the power of love is all-embracing and mighty! “Let’s love our country and let’s love each other!” This is the sincere greeting to Liepāja and Kurzeme by Inese Galante.

Concert in 2 parts.
Total Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes.

Venue: Great Hall
Organised by: Great Amber in cooperation with Inese Galante Foundation