среда 19:00
Pieckārtējs Grammy ieguvējs VICTOR WOOTEN & WOOTEN BROTHERS (ASV)

For the First time in Europe! The only concert in the Baltics!

Recognized as one of the greatest living bassist today, 5-time Grammy winner, 12-time Grammy nominee Victor Wooten brings his brothers together to the concert halls all over Europe. Their busy independent schedules mean that it’s a tricky matter to catch them together on the same stage, so don't miss! For over four decades the Wooten clan's brothers have been recognized as some of the most innovative musicians in existence and are collectively known as one of the most talented and dynamic band of brothers the world has ever known. Since they were young, then five brothers have been a musical tour-de-force redefining the limits of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock, and bluegrass. This will be the brother’s second tour together as a band since the untimely death of their saxophone-playing brother Rudy. Together The Wooten Brothers bring an uncanny level of experience, originality, and musical expertise to the stage. Their shows will be a high-energy, super-funky, artistic blend of styles including original songs and classics.

Bass & Vocals: Mr. VICTOR WOOTEN. He is a master innovator of the bass guitar, gifted composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist. Besides Grammys, Wooten’s awards include 3 consecutive awards as 'Top Bassist' from Bass Player magazine and inclusion in the 'Top 10 Bassists of All Time' by Rolling Stone magazine. He is also an award-nominated author, naturalist, and music educator and has been running his unique Center for Music and Nature since 2010. Victor runs his own record label, Vix Records, which has released a series of acclaimed recordings over the last few years. He has also written a novel, The Music Lesson. Victor and his brother Roy are founding members of the eclectic group Bela Fleck & The Flecktones. www.victorwooten.com

Keyboards & Vocals: Mr. JOSEPH WOOTEN (writer, arranger, producer, educator, motivational speaker) is a 3-time Grammy nominated artist who has been the keyboardist for The Steve Miller Band since 1993. When he is not traveling city to city, Joseph can often be found speaking to his students, about character development, self esteem, self respect, and personal growth using his own life experiences as examples. www.josephwooten.com

Guitar & Vocals: Mr. REGI WOOTEN. His signature guitar style of chording, slapping, tapping and frenzied strumming has earned him world-wide notoriety and comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Chuck Berry. He’s known worldwide as 'The Teacha' because, when Regi was nine he started teaching his younger brother Victor bass and Joseph keyboards. He currently teaches music in Nashville, TN and has taught many notable musicians. Regi also teaches Guitar and lectures on many diverse aspects of Music at Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature. www.facebook.com/RegiWootenMusic

Drums & Vocals: Mr. ROY WOOTEN. Roy is an inventor, musician, and composer, best known by his stage name 'FutureMan'. He is a 5-time Grammy Award winning performer with Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, as well as 11-times Grammy nominee! He plays Drums and the Drumitar, a novel electronic instrument of his own invention, and occasionally performs vocals as well. More recently, Wooten has developed a new electronic instrument called the RoyEl, which resembles a piano but plays notes not found in the traditional western music scales. This instrument is based on the periodic table of elements and the golden ratio. Among extra-musical influences, he describes Pythagorean numerology and Vedic mathematics as influencing his compositions. www.futuremanlive.com