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SUNDAY 18:00
SUNDAY 16:00
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In the city of Liepāja, the dream of a grand concert hall of its own has been alive for almost a century. The dream materialized at the end of 2015. The new concert hall Great Amber is a regional centre of culture and events, home to the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Music, Art and Design High School, as well as the concert hall’s manager and event producer - LLC Great Amber.

The concert hall Great Amber comprises eight stories and 14,126 m². It has three concert halls – the Great Hall with 1,000 seats, the Chamber Hall with 200 seats and the Experimental Stage with 120 seats, which are complemented by the Art Space Civita Nova on the 1st floor, the Hall of Mirrors on the 6th floor and the cafe and restaurant ČELLO.

At the basis of the architectural concept of the concert hall, created by the excellent Austrian architect Prof. Volker Giencke, lies amber – the symbol of Liepāja and the Baltic Sea, as well as the concert hall’s function as a cultural and arts centre. Thus, its architecture is a portrait of music, frozen in time and in amber.

Its acoustics have been created by world leaders in their fields – Prof. Karlheinz Müller of Müller BBM, Germany, and Prof. Christian Bartenbach of Bartenbach, Germany, respectively.The city of

Liepāja is like a lagoon, located between the Baltic Sea and the Liepāja lake. It is the third largest city in Latvia and its capital of music. Seems only natural that it now also has its own „Great Amber” concert hall.

The shape, unique interior and excellent acoustics of „Great Amber” permit to say that a visit to this centre of the culture of the Baltic Sea region will surely become an unforgettable experience!

Currently, there are no vacancies available.

Ongoing procurement
Closed procurement
Financial support
Liepāja City Council

Concert hall

VOLKER GIENCKE was acknowledged from the start of his career as an outstanding figure among young Austrian architects, he won numerous awards and gained international recognition.
As an architect and a university lecturer he was a founding member of the  Graz School of Architecture, a movement that has achieved worldwide fame as the "Genius of Graz".
Volker Giencke has remained an independent force as an architect until today.
His work includes the giant glasshouses in the University of Graz Botanical Gardens, the Austrian Pavilion at EXPO ´92 in Seville, the « Odörfer » Exhibition Hall in Klagenfurt, the Hotel Speicher Barth in Germany - converted from a harbour grain elevator, or most recently the «Great Amber » Concert Hall in Liepaja. Each of these buildings is an icon of a global architecture.
As chairman of ./studio 3 at the University of Innsbruck, he has raised the architecture faculty to the first rank among international architecture schools.
Volker Giencke studied architecture and philosophy. He has taught at Yale, the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Rizvi College Bombay and at University College London. He is a Member of the Latvian Chamber of Architects, an Honorary Member of the Association of German Architects (BDA) and a Member of the European Academy for Science and the Arts.

The acoustics of the concert hall has been created by Prof. Karlheinz Müller of Müller-BBM (Germany), one of the world’s leading specialists in the field, responsible for the acoustical solutions in theatres and concert halls in New York, Beijing, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Salzburg, Venice, Rome and other capitals of music and culture.
The architectural idea of the concert hall „Great Amber” was created in 2003, when the concept of Prof. Volker Giencke won at the worldwide competition initiated by Imants Resnis, at the time – head of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, and organized by the Liepāja City Council and the Latvian Association of Architects.

A truly international team of Austrian, German and Latvian experts and an overall of 24 offices has worked on the project of the concert hall under the supervision of  „Volker Giencke & Company”.

2003 – worldwide competition of architectural concepts
2004 – adaptation project
2006 – design project
2008 – 2011 – technical project
1 August 2013 – the contract on construction and author’s supervision signed
4 October 2013 – beginning of construction
30 August 2014 – ridgepole celebrations, the constructino of „Great Amber“ reaches its highest peak – 30 metres.
12 August 2015 – the building is commissioned

Building structure – Johann Birner (Zivilingenieur für Bauwesen, Austria)
Stage technologies – Buhnenplannung Walter Kottke Ingenieure GmbH (Germany)
Light technologies – Bartenbach Lichtlabor GmbH (Austria)
Acoustics - Prof. Karlheinz Müller, Müller BBM (Germany)

Built by Merks, Ltd. (Latvia)

Experience Great Amber
Excellent acoustics and functionality for your planned event: for symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, jazz orchestra, choir, pop music (with  sound systems), ballet and other performances as well as for congresses, conferences, etc. Maximum number of seats: 1000.
Excellent acoustics for chamber music concerts. Great functionality for seminars, lectures, banquets and corporate events. Area: 170 m2. Maximum number of seats: 200 (144 in the hall, 56 in the balcony).
Particularly suitable for theatre performances, conferences, seminars and corporate events. The hall has a panoramic view to the city. Area: 151.9 m2. Number of seats: 150 (placement of hall’s seats can be changed and adjusted to event’s objective).


Liepāja Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra with a unique sound. Beauty and truth, experience and passion, directness and thoughtfulness meet in the sound of this orchestra. The unique amber sound of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra has originated in a unique place at the Baltic Sea – in Liepāja. The windy city has inveterate culture traditions. The very first Philharmonic Association with a symphony orchestra in the Baltic States was established in Liepāja. An Opera-house was active for a long time there. The heart of Latvian rock also beats in Liepaja; once there was a time, when sounds of jazz big bands and other ensembles were an important part of everyday life in Liepāja.

During more than a hundred years, the sound of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra has grown into a recognizable, classical and unquestionable value. Conductors, soloists and listeners readily come back to the fascinating amber sound, relishing the professional and emotional quality of the orchestra performance. When listening to the sound of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, one may hear appreciation for music, desire to give away the best, sincerity and a body of unique talents, composed by the musicians of the orchestra.

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra is a classical symphony collective that holds to the traditions of the grand European symphony. The power of this orchestra lies within the competence of playing European classical and romantic music. Proficiency of playing jazz and rock music as well lets the orchestra speak to a very wide audience, and to make more and more new contacts. Love for the music unites Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and people all around the world, irrespective of their age, color of their skin or profession.

The structural unit of Liepaja Music, art and design high school – Emilis Melngailis Music School is currently the only higher professional educational institution in Southern Courland offering the qualification of a musician. 386 students are acquiring education in vocational programs (children’s music school) and vocational secondary educational programs (music high school).

The history of the school began in 1922 when the Latvian composer, conductor and organist Adolfs Abele established the Liepaja State Conservatory, however it has been carrying the name of Emilis Melngailis since 1954. Since 1 September 2016, as a result of a reorganization the school was merged into Liepaja Art and design school, thus acquiring the name – Liepaja Music, art and design high school.

The music school implements diverse educational programs – keyboard, string instrument, percussion and wind instrument play, as well as the vocal music, conducting, music history and theory. In recent years, two new programs have been added to the already vast offer – music (jazz and popular music) and music project management.

The school employs professional and highly qualified pedagogues, moreover – each year brings new teachers to the staff.

Students have the opportunity to participate in master classes, to go on exchange programs, get involved in creative projects, as well as to play in various student bodies: girls’ choir, boys’ choir, symphony orchestra, brass band and bigband. All of it is done for one aim – to raise a strong and self-assured generation that will form the basis of the culture of Liepaja and Latvia, the greatest treasure of ours.

Liepāja var lepoties ar vecāko profesionālo teātri Latvijā. Liepājas teātrim ir bagātīga vēsture, kurā daudzi mākslinieki ir radījuši leģendas par savu laiku. Šīm leģendām kopā ar Liepājas vārdu nav laika un telpas ierobežojumu.

Pēdējos gados Liepājas teātris ir kļuvis par nozīmīgu Latvijas kultūras pērli un vērtīgu spēlētāju teātra nozarē valstī. To pierāda teātra sasniegumi gan gadskārtējā Latvijas teātru skatē “Spēlmaņu nakts”, gan dalība dažādos starptautiskajos festivālos.

Lai nodrošinātu iespēju saviem skatītājiem noskatīties vairāk mazās formas izrāžu, Liepājas teātris koncertzāles “Lielais dzintars” eksperimentālās zāles telpās iestudē monoizrādes un citus mazās formas darbus. Telpās notiek izrāžu mēģinājumi un nodarbības Liepājas Universitātes jaunās studiju programmas “Aktiermāksla” studentiem.

Eksperimentālajā zālē ir 94 skatītāju vietas.

Liepājas teātra vīzija – Mēs esam mīlēti Mājās un atpazīti Eiropā!

Cafe Čello – located on the ground floor of the concert hall Lielais dzintars – offers business lunch, tasty coffee with a fresh home-made pastry, and dinner.

The restaurant and wine bar, however, is located on the seventh floor of the concert hall and has a wonderful view over the promenade of Liepaja. By booking a table in advance, the restaurant offers to enjoy an exquisite wine menu in an excellent atmosphere. The wine menu contains drinks from various countries accompanied with country-specific appetizers.

Restaurant Čello offers to deliver appetizers for seminars, celebrations or other events. It is possible to request different banquets both in the concert hall and in other venues.

Čello is part of group of hospitality enterprises Tiamo that is one of the largest restaurant chains and catering serviss providers in Latvia.

Outstanding service, impeccable offer and attention to every detail.

Appreciation towards guests and a passion for what we do.

Love towards our work for more than 15 years.

Tiamo – with a smile!

Working hours:

Mon. - Fri. 11.00 am - 4pm

Sat., Sun. - closed

Information and restaurant reservations: 63 451 072


Excellent acoustics and functionality

Internationally acclaimed architectural pearl the Great Amber Concert Hall in Liepaja offers guided group tours! An hour-long tour takes the visitors through all the Great Amber halls – from the Civita Nova Art Space on the 1st floor and the Chamber Hall on the 2nd floor, to the Great Hall then finishing the tour by visiting Civita Nova 6 and the Experimental Stage on the 6th floor. During the tour, the visitors get to know impressive facts about the new construction, the building process, the artistic programme and the wide array of opportunities. 

Tour price – EUR 2.50 for adults, EUR 1.50 for pupils, students, seniors, persons with disabilities of group I and II  and their companions, the tour is free of charge for children up to 7 years old.

For individual group tours the tour price is 20 EUR for a small group till 8 persons.

Excursion must be booked at least 3 days in advance.

For more information and applications, call the Great Amber information centre +371 634 24 555 or send an email to

Opening hours of the Information centre:
Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: 10.00 – 15.00

Information Center provides the opportunity to purchase tickets to all events taking place in Concert Hall “Great Amber”, as well as for events anywhere in Latvia.

In the Information Center visitors will be able to apply for tours of the “Great Amber”, receive information about Liepāja city, as well as purchase souvenirs.

Opening hours of the Information Center: 

Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 17.00

Saturday, Sunday: 10.00 – 15.00


Discounts for events organised by Lielais dzintars, Ltd.:  

School children, students, teachers, seniors – 25%

Persons with group I and II disabilities, and their carers – 50%

Family tickets:  1 or 2 adults + 2 children (or more) – 25%

Group tickets:

10 – 30 persons – 20%

30 and more persons – 25%


Information center and application for guided tours:

Phone: +371 63424555


Great Amber Concert Hall,

Radio iela 8, Liepaja, LV 3401

Ticket offices:

Photo, Video