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We will ask all attendees to present a Covid-19 certificate at the entrance, confirming vaccination or recovery from Covid-19. We will also ask you to present personal identification and an event ticket. You must wear a face mask during your visit to the Concert Hall and observe a distance of 2 meters from other attendees. Assigned seats will be located at a distance of 2 seats.


This concert can be attended by adults with covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificates, taking minors with them.

  • Attendees younger than 12 years of age do not need to show a covid-19 recovery certificate or a covid-19 test.
  • Attendees aged 12 and up must present a certificate of covid-19 vaccination, recovery, or testing, or a laboratory certificate of a negative screening test performed within the last 72 hours as part of an educational process.

Parents with children who do not have a covid-19 certificate must purchase tickets here: https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/event/103494 

The concert hall will provide a separate entrance (service entrance from Dubelšteina Street) and a family sector on the 1st balcony for those families with children without a covid-19 certificate.

Ticket holders must personalize their tickets: https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/person 


 “Piazzolla - Rovira: The Edge of Tango”. Album release tour

During the 21-22 season, the Brussels ensemble SONICO will pay tribute to 'tango nuevo' inventor Astor Piazzolla, who would have been 100 years old this year, with their third album, “Piazzolla-Rovira: The Edge of Tango”. Piazzolla was not the only pioneer and SONICO is happy to offer a broader perspective through the revolutionary compositions of Eduardo Rovira.

The title of this double portrait was not chosen at random. Astor Piazzolla and Eduardo Rovira are usually presented as the two pioneers of avant-garde tango. It has been claimed that there was a certain rivalry between them, and it is a subject of debate which of the two was the first to modernize tango. The cornerstone in the creation of modern tango was laid by Piazzolla in 1955 with the Octeto Buenos Aires. The following year, Rovira joined Octeto La Plata, but did not leave behind any commercialized recordings.

While nothing clear or definitive has emerged from this apparent controversy, it is a good starting point to understand the necessity felt by the group SONICO to create their third album, “Piazzolla-Rovira: The Edge of Tango”. The album simultaneously presents the music of both octets, the initial exponents of the avant-garde of tango. With these ensembles, Piazzolla and Rovira traveled, for the first time, to the edges of the genre.


SONICO has been hailed by the Argentine press as "the savior of the tango nuevo". For the group’s 2 previous albums ‘Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia’ (2018) and ‘Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso’ (2020) as well as their South American tours, SONICO has been hailed as one of the top 10 most essential tango ensembles of today in the magazines Billboard and Rolling Stone.

The event is intended for an adult audience. Children under the age of 5 may be denied attendance to events for adult audiences.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Organized by: Great Amber
Supported by: Liepāja City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation
Tickets: from 10.00 euros. Ticket prices may change approaching the event.
Place: Great Hall

  • Students, teachers, seniors – 25%
  • Persons with group I and II disabilities and their companions – 50%
  • Family tickets: 1 or 2 adults + 2 (or more) children – 25%
NB. Upon attending a concert, the attendee must show personal identification.

Group tickets:
  • 10–30 persons – 20%
  • 30 and more persons – 25%