Amsterdam Klezmer Band. The hot rhythms of klezmer and Balkan music (CANCELED!)
In the full bloom of summer, we will experience our first opportunity of enjoying the temperamental rhythms and bittersweet melodies of klezmer and Balkan music at the concert hall in Liepāja. The stage will welcome the energetic Dutch band, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, who will provide a vivid continuation of summer season concerts at the Great Amber! 

The vibrant Amsterdam Klezmer Band play traditional Yiddish celebration music. Klezmer means both folk music of Eastern European Jews and its special performance style, and also a musician of the genre. The ensemble animate klezmer music with a new energy, enriching it with modern styles and techniques – the program includes Roma and Balkan folk musical traditions as well as influences of jazz, ska and dance music. As a result, the klezmer septet conjure up a fiery party everywhere they go.

Over the course of twenty-four years, the dynamic septet have become an internationally renowned band, known to play the most fun and lively klezmer music in the world. 15 albums have been released, and audiences have been fired up in the entire world.

At the concert hall in Liepāja, the ensemble will perform their new music album, Fortuna, as part of its European tour. This is what the septet has to say about the album: “We’ll be exploring new horizons of klezmer and Balkan music while keeping the party spirit high!”

Cocek a la Kopyt


Tickets: starts from EUR 10.00

Duration: 90 min, no intermission

Hall: Great Hall

Organized by: Great Amber

The concert is sponsored by Liepāja Municipality and the State Culture Capital Foundation.