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From December 10 to January 24, art space Civita Nova of the concert hall Great Amber will display the solo exhibition “Christmas Gold” created by the expressive, provocative and distinct artist Andrejs Prigičevs from Liepāja.

Christmas traditions do not seize to exist but rather resurface in the modern era in different forms or with different functions. Will history books about the 20th and 21st century define this time as the Age of the Gift Cult, or the Kitsch of Modern Consumption, complete with Internet stories about the hysteria of gift unwrapping…?

“Nowadays, when abstract thinking has been trapped in worn out clichés, life is modeled upon generally accepted rules. Individual psychic energy is blocked in an organized fashion, therefore the intellectual capacity of the society to analyze has been lost. With decreasing mental space, we compensate for it by creating a fictitious world – we infect ourselves with a sort of Christmas anachronism. Our basic aim is not the comprehension of the pivotal event of Christian culture anymore, but rather surrendering to festive archetypes: “RECEIVE, TEAR OPEN, GET HIGH”,” artist Andrejs Prigičevs introduces the concept of the exhibition prior to its opening.

The exposition will display approximately 40 miniatures created by the artist, with titles like “Christmas Eve with the Neighbors”, “Adam and Eve”, “Present No. 1”, “The Destruction of the Last White Tiger”, and others.

“The purpose of my works is not to ridicule, blaspheme or humiliate. The scene of each object is a real display of several life situations with reconstruction of memories, events in which I have been involved as part of society that tries to follow established standards,” Prigičevs points out.

“An artist with a very interesting signature, one of the few that comment on modern problems in their work. He is something of a rough diamond and embodies some of the special atmosphere of Liepāja, and he is one of the few in Latvian art who provoke thoughts on pressing matters in our society.”

/Director of the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art,
art curator, historian and critic Solvita Krese/

“He has always been a free spirit so he hasn’t followed any canons or instructions, but rather done whatever he liked. The key inspiration is life itself – what is happening all around – both the good and the not so good in people… He takes all these things like a director and builds them into small stage designs, suitcases that we can take with us to read, interpret, translate, try to understand what he meant to say.”

/Art theorist and curator, lecturer at the Art Academy of Latvia
Raimonds Kalējs/

“It is very important to have people going against the tide, who stand on their own, avoid running with the crowds but instead choose to follow their own train of thought. In this respect, Liepāja is lucky to have Andrejs Prigičevs. Individuals and personalities who don't stop, try to grow themselves and improve their surroundings, are important to any society. I believe he has started a movement with his restoration work.”

/Prorector in Study and Research Work, art professor at the Art Academy of Latvia,
painter Andris Vītoliņš/

Andrejs Prigičevs (1965) lives and works in Liepāja. He is a restorer, interior designer, painter, works with various forms of multimedia art. The artist’s works have been displayed in 9 solo exhibitions in Latvia and joint exhibition in Liepāja, Rīga, Kuldīga, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Helsinki and Tallinn. He has created numerous installations and interiors by innovative restoration of old objects, breathing new life and visual aesthetics with transformations by his creative imagination. Studio Rija has created the animated film “When apples roll” using the artist’s drawings. He has graduated from Liepāja Applied Art School, learning the restorer’s profession from architect and teacher Agris Padēlis-Līns. In 2015, he received the prize “Zelta griezums” from Liepāja Design and Art School for his contribution to the creation of the image of Liepāja.

The exhibition can be viewed from December 10, 2020, to January 24, 2021.

Opening hours: Tue–Fri 12–5 p.m., Sat–Sun 10 a.m.–3 p.m., Mon – closed
Admission: free
Place: Art space Civita Nova, Concert hall Great Amber, Radio iela 8
Organized by: SIA Lielais Dzintars