14/02/2018 -
Upon awaiting the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Latvia on 18 November, 1918, interest is also growing in its neighbour-countries, which, like Latvia, will celebrate the centenary of statehood in the coming years. One of these countries is the Republic of Finland, which proclaimed national independence on 6 December, 1917. Looking forward to the centennial of the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Finland, the need to study the historical events that unite our countries is highlighted.

The exhibition was created in co-operation with the Embassy of the Republic of Finland, the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Liepaja, the Finnish National Archive, the Society of Traditions of the 27th Jäger Battalion and the Finnish Jäger Museum.
Free entrance

Working hours: M.-S. 10-20, S. 10-15
Place: Art space Civita Nova 1
Organised by: Latvian National Archive in cooperation with Great Amber