Tuesday 18:00
Latvia – 100 – Finland
At a time when Latvia is celebrating its centenary and Finland has just had theirs, the courage and historic battle for independence is particularly honourable. The stories of the identity of these two countries, their heroism and love for the motherland from ancient times to the present day will entwine in this concert. The Guards Band of the Finnish Defence Forces will play some national Finnish romanticism and contemporary music written for the brass band orchestra. In turn, the Latvian National Armed Forces Orchestra will perform the suite "Vidzeme", written by Sergejs Austris Universs for the brass band orchestra. The concert will be concluded with a performance of both Military Orchestras, performing "Lauztās priedes" (The Broken Pines), written by Emīls Dārziņš, and "Jäger March", written by Jean Sibelius. 

The Guards Band of the Finnish Defence Forces
Conductor Lieutenant Colonel Jyrki Koskinen
Solo - Samu Metsänen, saxophone
Latvian National Armed Forces Orchestra,
Latvian National Armed Forces Orchestra Chief conductor Colonel Lieutenant Dainis Vuškāns, Conductor Captain Lieutenant Guntis Kumačevs
Sand cinema artist - Zane Pumpure-Prāmniece,
Narrator - Kaspars Kārkliņš
Liepaja University Folk Dance group Banga   

The Guards Band of the Finnish Defence Forces
The Guards Band was established in 1819, which makes it the oldest professional orchestra in Finland. The Guards Band is part of the Guard Jaeger Regiment stationed in Helsinki. Ever since the beginning of Finland’s independence in 1917, the Guards Band has performed at official state ceremonies. It is a symphonic wind orchestra with 48 musicians that performs in various ensembles around 300 times a year, including 40 concerts as The Guards Band. The Band has participated in military music events in Norway, Sweden, United states of America, Germany, Czech Republic and Estonia. The Band has also performed in Austria, Japan, Turkey, Russia and France.

The Staff Orchestra of the Latvian National Armed Forces
The Staff Orchestra of the Latvian National Armed Forces was established in December 1991 and is Latvia’s largest professional military orchestra performing both at official state ceremonies, as well as at public concerts in Latvia and abroad. The orchestra has participated in military music events and international military orchestra festivals in Poland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Italy. It is a professional wind orchestra with 70 musicians, largest part of which are stationed in Riga as National Armed Forces Orchestra, but smaller group in Liepaja as National Armed Forces Big Band. During its existence, the orchestra has released 7 recordings.

Entrance: free of charge. Free invitations available at the Concert hall’s information centre.

Place: Great Hall  
Organised by: Latvian National Armed Forces and The National Archive of Latvia in cooperation with the Finnish Embassy in Latvia, Liepaja City Culture Department and “Lielais Dzintars” Ltd.


Duration 2h 30min

Part I

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) Karelia-overture, Op.10 10’

Jukka Linkola (1955) Saxophone concerto 20’, soloist Samu Metsänen

Juha Pisto (1966) Through the Centuries 8’40’’

Toivo Kuula (1883- 1918) March of the Macemen 4’

Intermission 30 min

Part II

Sergejs Austris Universs (1968) Suite Vidzeme for Brass Band 50’

I „Tālavas taurētājs” (Tālava Bugler)

II „Turaidas Roze” (Turaida Roze)

III „Zvejnieka sēta” (Fisherman's Yard)

IV „Umurgas zvans” (Umurga Bell)

V „Līgo”

Emīls Dārziņš (1875-1910) The Broken Pines (Lauztās priedes), Dainis Vuškāns arrangement 2’30’’

Jean Sibelius, Jaegar March 2’