Friday 21:00
Liepaja Art Forum: Vladislav Nastavshev & Lakes Slow Dances

In the slow dance evening the director and musician Vladislav Nastavshev, in cooperation with the experimental music group “Ezeri” (Lakes), will perform the listeners’ favourite songs in new sounds from his own plays.

The music of Nastavshev’s plays usually has a lyrical melody entangled with rhythmical dance music pieces, but the song lyrics have been taken from the Russian poet Nikolay Kizmin’s existential lines, turning each song into a story.

“Songs are for pleasure. To listen to them, enjoy, but dance - it’s a different form of communication that starts when the words are no longer useful. Due to this, the slow dance evenings are at the same time concerts and other types of experience, an eruption of feelings - the atmosphere is correct and it encourages people to dance, to fall for the attraction of the music and the presence of the other person,” says Vladislav Nastavshev to the public.

The music composed and often played by him is an integral part of his plays. The ability of his musical pieces to exist outside the theatre building has been proven by several widely attended concerts and “Slow dance evenings” at the “Fon Stricka villa”. Thanks to the listeners, viewers and dancers, and how open and interested they have been, the director and composer Vladislav Nastavshev and the music group “Ezeri” will perform their music on the stage of the theatre at the Liepāja concert hall with a new twist.

The event supported by "Valmiermuižas alus" and Gardu muti".

Tickets: starting from EUR 10.00

Venue: Art Space “Civita Nova”

Organised by: Concert Hall “Great Amber” in cooperation with “Piens Fest”

Ticket discounts available:

For school children, students, teachers, seniors - 25%

Seniors with group I and II disabilities, and their carers - 50%

Group tickets

10-30 persons - 20%

30 and more persons - 25%

General tickets to the event are available for purchase. These will grant a person the possibility to visit all the events of the forum for a more favourable price. When entering the venue, the general ticket will be swapped for a general entrance pass for all the events. No discounts are applicable.