Saturday 19:00
LIVE-STREAM: TRIO CARMINE. Bartók’s Contrasts and Ratniece’s Glitter
Concert series PERSONALLY

The chamber ensemble Trio Carmine brings together some of the brightest musicians of the new generation. Latvian clarinetist Anna Gāgane and violinist Magdalēna Geka, and Swiss pianist Lukas Loss are experienced chamber musicians and winners of many international competitions.

The Trio’s work features not only a classical repertoire created for their ensemble, but also contemporary music, especially works created by young Latvian composers. The young musicians strive to challenge classical dogma and push boundaries that separate classical music from other types of art and creativity, and they implement that into their work by collaborating with video artists and actors.

The two heavyweights of the program “Glitter and Contrasts. Interaction[KG1] ” are Béla Bartók and Aram Khachaturian’s trios for violin, clarinet and piano, both of which were written in the 1930s. Even though both composers were inspired by traditional melodies of Hungarian and Roma folk music, it is natural that both authors interpreted the theme in rather different ways. The concert will be opened with Czech composer J. B. Vaňhal’s classic Trio in E-flat Major, and an intriguing ambience will be created with the unusual “Glitter” (“Mirdzums”) by intricate Latvian modernist Santa Ratniece.

The concert program will be supplemented by a video piece specially created for this program by video artist Mārtiņš Zutis.

"Trio Carmine"
Anna Gāgane, clarinet
Magdalēna Geka, violin
Lūkass Loss, piano

Mārtiņš Zutis, video

The program features works by:
J. B. Vaňhal (1739-1813)
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano, Op. 20 No. 5
Allegro – Grazioso – Allegretto

A. Khachaturian (1903-1978)
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Andante con dolore – Allegro - Moderato

S. Ratniece (1977)
“Mirdzums” (2012) for Violin, Clarinet and Piano

B. Bartók (1881-1945)
Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Sz. 111
Verbunkos – Piheno - Sebes

Photo: Agnese Bindere, Latvian Radio / Indulis Pelnēns, Great Amber

Streaming ticket price: 3 euros (pre-sale); 5 euros on the day of the concert

Concert duration: 1h 30 minutes

Regarding streaming ticket purchases:
By purchasing a ticket, you will receive a streaming code which you can use to watch the concert. In order to connect to the live-stream, you will have to enter the streaming code into the “insert password” field. You can connect to the live-stream starting from 6:30 p.m.
The code can be used for one device.

Organized by: Great Amber
Supported by: Liepāja City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation