saturday 17:00
LMF. Sound of Theremin. Cage and Messiaen

Theremin was invented a hundred years ago and is still considered one of the most unusual instruments around. Its creator is Lev Termen, a Russian inventor with the renowned fame of a spy, known in the West as Léon Theremin. His most famous invention was created while working for the Soviet government, developing a motion and proximity sensor - the instrument is capable of perceiving and converting the changes of the surrounding electric field into sound, created by human hands around its two antennas, without a physical touch. This legendary electronic musical instrument is being played for the first time in the "Great Amber", and it is played by a relative of Theremin - the world-famous theremin specialist Lydia Kavina! In Liepaja Art Forum, along with her compositions she plays several opuses by the classics of the 20th century - the colourful sound patterns of French mystic Olivier Messiaen intertwine with the timeless thoughts of the American legend John Cage and expressions of Sofia Gubaidulina. On stage, the England-based virtuoso is joined by local musician Artūrs Noviks - an accordionist, who actively performs in a wide range of different musical directions.

Lydia Kavina, theremin
Artūrs Noviks, accordion

Duration: 75 min
Tickets: EUR 10.00. Ticket prices may change as the event approaches.
Venue: Chamber Hall
Organised by: “Great Amber”

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