For the first time, The World inside Great Amber will invite its listeners to learn about fado – the sound of the Portuguese soul. Sara Correia has honed her skill of fado vocals since her early childhood and is currently considered a rising star of this unique genre. In the concert program, the artist, together with masters of fado guitar, will perform emotional traditional and popular fado songs.

The name fado stems from the Latin fatum, which means fate. Also dubbed Portuguese blues, fado was born in 19th-century restaurant and bar quarters of Lisbon, where the poor and seamen expressed the sorrows of their lives through song. This music is full of passion, pain, yearning, jealousy, and it is able to combine unbearable agony with fiery enjoyment, the cruelty of life with the power of love.

A single performance is all it takes to get listeners hooked. “It is something that is completely different if you are not from Portugal,” Sara reveals. “People love how authentic the music is. As a singer, you just can't fake it, it is deeply emotional. It is all about intimacy and the singer being in front of the audience.”

Sara Correia’s intense, smoky and seductive voice will reveal to the listeners the centuries-old yearning of the Portuguese people for a better life and for love, which draws parallels to the modern world as well. Critics admit that the vocal performance by the artist bridges the gap between traditional, dark fado, and its lighter contemporary incarnation.

Sara will perform with three excellent Portuguese masters of guitar – ngelo Freire, Diogo Clemente, and Frederico Gato, who will reveal the authentic sound of fado guitar to the audience. The ensemble will perform songs from the artist’s newest Latin Grammy-nominated album Do Coração and also her critically-acclaimed debut album Sara Correia, as well as other traditional and popular fado songs.

Sara Correia, vocals 
Angelo Freire, fado guitar
Diogo Clemente, viola da fado
Frederico Gato, acoustic bass guitar


Sara Correia has been raised in a family of fado singers and mastered this genre in ‘fado houses’ since she was a young child, learning from the best Portuguese fado singers. At the age of 13, the singer took the prize at one of Portugal’s largest singing contests, Grande Noite do Fado. After this achievement, Sara was invited to perform on the most prominent fado stages in Lisbon and kept honing her talent under the guidance of brilliant fado singers. The singer’s highly praised debut album Sara Correia (2018), released under Universal Music Portugal, has received two nominations – at the Portuguese Music Awards PLAY and the Radio Festival Awards as “Best New Artist of the Year”. This album opened new horizons for the singer and gained her recognition by critics as the best voice of the new generation. Her latest album, Do Coração, was released in September 2020 in collaboration with Diogo Clemente, and it includes singles like Chegou Tão Tarde, Dizer Não, Porquê do Fado, and Solidão as a duet with António Zambujo. In 2021, the record won the Portuguese Music Award PLAY as the “Best Fado Album of the Year” and was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award as the “Best Portuguese Language Roots Album”.

Organized by: Great Amber

Tickets: from 10.00 euros. Ticket prices may change approaching the event.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Supported by: Liepāja City Council

Place: Great Hall

Visitors are encouraged to be responsible and stay at home if you experience signs of a respiratory infection. We also recommend wearing face masks outside of your seating.