Saturday 19:00

Dear listeners!

Please note that, with consideration of currently eased restrictions in the country, any person (including children of all ages) attending this concert must show an interoperable Covid-19 certificate confirming recovery from or vaccination against Covid-19. 

We hope to see all of our listeners at the Great Amber Concert Hall!


The concert has been moved from 2020, to September 4, 2021. Previously purchased tickets are valid for the new concert date.

The world inside Great Amber / Spain

In Southern Spain there is a saying: “One who talks about a guitar is talking about Andalusia.” The Spanish believe that the guitar is the exact source of inspiration for flamenco. The guitarist must be a master of improvisation, and success depends directly on their play. In the Concert Hall “Great Amber” the magic of flamenco will be created by two outstanding guitar masters, whose play will be adorned by passionate singers and “fiery” dancers from the flamenco homeland Seville in Spain. The concert audience will feel the intense summer heat of Andalusia, stroll through its beautiful white villages and discover the joy and pain of Andalusian people.

All six flamenco artists are united by the Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company – ensemble created in Seville that declared itself as a large-format flamenco ballet 18 years ago. Since then the band is best characterised by Andalusian dance, rooted in the Flamenco tradition. The leader of the company is the world-famous flamenco guitarist Antonio Andrade, who has produced countless flamenco performances during his long international career. In the concert programme specially designed for Liepaja, in collaboration with his stage partner, guitarist Miguel Sotelo, he will showcase the magnificent diversity and rich musical intonations of the flamenco guitar. The guitarist reveals: “While you can reach the sky with one guitar, you can reach the Universe with two.” With his traditional and very personal guitar playing style, Andrade reaches the listeners right where flamenco lives – in people’s hearts.

The co-founder of Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company is the experienced, hot-blooded flamenco dancer Ursula Moreno from Malaga, who will share the stage of “Great Amber” with prominent Flamenco dancer José Galvañ. Moreno has proven herself to the world as an unmatched flamenco diva, as well as a choreographer, artistic director and the bearer of the flamenco tradition. The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” wrote: “With Ursula Moreno, the future of Flamenco is in safe hands!”

Antonio Andrade, guitar
Javier Leal, guitar
Úrsula Moreno, dance
José Galvañ, dance
Pablo Oliva, vocal
Sonia Cortés, vocal


Duration: approximately 120 minutes, two parts
The event is intended for an adult audience. Children under the age of 5 may not be admitted to events for an adult audience.

Tickets: starts from EUR 10.00. Ticket prices may change as the event approaches.
Unnumbered tickets only for visitors in wheelchairs.

In the adult-age events and activities children under the age of 5 might not be allowed to enter.

School children, students, teachers, seniors - 25%
Seniors with group I and II disabilities, and their carers - 50%
Family tickets - 1 or 2 adults + 2 children (or more) – 25%

Group tickets:
10-30 persons - 20%
30 and more persons - 25%

Venue: Great Hall
Organised by: Great Amber in cooperation with Flamenco Agency