Wednesday 18:30
The Mover / Tēvs Nakts (2018)

To save one life is to save the world.

A true story about the Rigan Žanis Lipke, who hid dozens of people during the war.

No one could have predicted that Žanis Lipke would become a hero. During the day, he worked at the storage facility of German military aviation and at night was busy transporting illegal goods. When Nazis began persecuting and killing Rigans, he made a promise to himself, which could have proved lethal both for himself and his wife and son. Literally under the noses of German soldiers, he took more than fifty people to safety. He made a makeshift shelter for them in his own home.

What was the secret behind Lipke's courage - was he simply a risk taker and spiteful daredevil? Or did he have a gift for human compassion even under extreme conditions?

Movie in Latvian, German and Yiddish with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.
Release Date: 25.10.2018
Length: 1h 28 min
Under 12 not recommended
Genre: Drama, biography
Director: Dāvis Sīmanis
Cast: Artūrs Skrastiņš, Ilze Blauberga, Matīss Kipļuks
Production company: Mistrus Media
Distributor: Mistrus Media

Tickets: 3.50 EUR
Venue: Great Hall
Organiser: Great Amber in collaboration with Mistrus Media