1. OCTOBER 11.00


Liepāja Art Forum

On Sunday morning, the experienced Norwegian juggler Julian Saether will invite the youngest members of the Concert Hall’s audience to embark on an adventurous journey to a magic forest, where they will meet many fairy-tale and fantasy characters through juggling, dancing, and theater.

During the circus performance The Mythical, Mystical, Magical Forest, children will encounter funny and frightening creatures of all shapes and forms. In a breezy and playful atmosphere, you will meet a giant troll, a lively pixie, a cunning goblin, and other inhabitants of the enchanted forest.

One hour before performance (at 10 a.m.), Julian Saether will welcome children and their parents to join his workshop where he will cover tossing, catching, and various other tricks. The number of participants is limited; therefore you must purchase a ticket that includes both the attendance of the performance and participation in the workshop. 

Juggling is a great way to build hand-eye coordination and practice mastery, because anyone can manage the simplest tasks, but there are always more tricks to learn and challenges to face.

It will be an educational and fun session where mistakes are valued and even praised, as they are the key to mastery. The workshops require no prior experience. 

The producer of natural lemonades Gardu muti will surprise the performance with delicious drinks and bright surprises.

Intended audience: children aged 4 to 7.

Duration of performance: approximately 40 minutes

Duration of workshop: approximately 45 minutes

"Lielajā dzintarā" būs cirks par burvju mežu bērniem un aizraujošas meistarklases!


Chamber hall


Tickets for parents: EUR 5.00.

Tickets for children to the performance: EUR 7.00.

Tickets for children to the performance + workshop: EUR 10.00.

Organized by:

SIA Lielais Dzintars

Supported by:

Liepāja City Council and European Regional Development Fund

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