26. MAY 19.00


​​The Ukrainian world music group "DakhaBrakha" has been making music since 2004 and is well known and loved by listeners in Latvia.

In the music of "DakhaBrakha", the heritage of Ukrainian folklore and theater merges with the pulse of modern culture, inspiring cultural and artistic liberation.  "DakhaBrakha" calls their music "ethno chaos" because they are also influenced by punk rock.  They sing about different topics - their identity, women's self-confidence, love, which is an essential part of change.  A wider audience will recognize the band's music from the song "Baby".  Currently, the music of "DakhaBrakha" is also a source of emotional strength for both Ukrainian people and their supporters.  On May 26 this year “DakhaBrakha” will perform for the first time at the "Great Amber" concert hall in Liepāja.


Great hall

Event duration:

19.00-20.30 / ~ 1h 30 min

Organized by:

Lazytime, SIA