6. MARCH 19.00


ENIGMA is the most mysterious band with an unforgettable and unique musical atmosphere, loved by millions of listeners. The original composition of the group will perform in Latvia with a new show program, which will feature all the most famous songs of the group.

Three GRAMMY nominations, 70 million records sold, 300 million YouTube views, and over 100 gold and platinum records. Despite their extreme popularity, the studio group ENIGMA has never held a concert tour until 2019. As part of their 2023 tour, members of the original ENIGMA line-up will perform in Riga. Andru Donalds, Angel X and Fox Lima, whose voices are heard in the group's most popular hits, will perform on March 8 in Riga with the show program "Original Enigma Voices". 

Accompanied by a string orchestra and live performance, more than 20 songs from various albums will be performed. Hits such as “Sadeness”, “Return to Innocence”, and “Gravity of Love” will be played, as well as new versions of cult ENIGMA songs.

ENIGMA was founded in the 1980s by German producer Michael Cretu. The band's music cannot be compared to any other. ENIGMA charmed wanderers with its unique atmosphere and enigmatic sound.

The group's repertoire is inspired by a combination of classical and contemporary music. The combined sound of different genres, tunes, ethnic melodies and mysterious voices will take you to a completely different reality for 2 hours.

We are waiting for you for an unforgettable meeting with the legendary band ENIGMA in Liepaja on March 6!
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Great hall

Event duration:

19.00-21.00 / ~ 2h / 1 daļa

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YOU ARE events Liepāja SIA