29. JULY 20.00


For the first time in Liepāja, at the Pūt, vējiņi! concert garden, we will discover the joy of life through the world of Georgian music together with the charismatic world-renowned Georgian ethno jazz diva Nino Katamadze and the band INSIGHT, who are able to unleash truly exceptional colors and moods.

Vivid, authentic, kind, and truthful – that is how Nino Katamadze is described by the admirers of her talent, and they are right. She is the only singer in modern Georgia who sings exclusively in the Georgian language, and her musical gifts are boundless – with her passionate programs and performance manner, the musician has been able to captivate audiences of any scale and nationality all around the world, gathering crowds at sold-out concerts.

Together with her band INSIGHT, Nino Katamadze offers a complex, intelligent and unique musical experience focused on the philosophical aspects of the musicians’ original compositions and the human experience. It is impossible to place their music into a single category, but it could be described as “a synthesis of Georgian and modern world music,” an amalgamation of jazz, rock, pop, and psychedelia. 

Nino calls her music art jazz, as it combines both the confluence of different genres and the singer’s ability to use her voice to elicit specific emotions in the listener. One of her most popular songs, “Olei,” features lyrics that are not words at all. She has explained in interviews: “I don’t sing in words, I sing in feelings. My improvisations during concerts are melodies from the very depths of my soul.”

Each concert is a special experience in which the singer engages and charges the audience with positive energy while also invoking reflections on eternity, empathy, compassion, and hope. It is this exchange that is Nino’s main motivation: “I have found myself in music because I can give my beloved audience a little bit of myself through it.”

Nino Katamadze was born in the southern Georgian province Adjara. The singer first discovered her talent at the age of four, and she has continued to develop it at the Vocal Music department of the Batumi Conservatory and in various music projects. Katamadze has been performing with the band INSIGHT for 24 years, with concerts all around the world. Six albums have been released during this collaboration, as colorful and versatile as the singer's performances: Black (2006), White (2006), Blue (2008), Red (2010), Green (2011), and Yellow (2016). 

Katamadze has also carried out projects with mixed and men’s choirs, symphony orchestras, and her longtime stage partner, pianist and composer Nikoloz Rachveli. She has received numerous awards for her creative work, such as Best Vocal Performer of the Year, Best Author and Performer, an award for an outstanding contribution to the development of Georgian music, and others. In 2022, the singer established a charitable foundation for Ukrainian war refugees to provide them with support when starting a new life in Georgia.


Nino Katamadze, vocals

Giorgi Berishvili, saxophone

Papuna Sharikadze, piano

Goha Kacheishvili, guitar

Ucha Gugunava, bass

Alesander Japaridze, drums

Gruzijas mūzika vēju pilsētā | Nino Katamadze un grupa "Insight" vasarā uzstāsies "Pūt, vējiņos!"


“Pūt, vējiņi!” koncertdārzs

Event duration:

20.00-21.45 / ~ 1h 45min / 1 daļa


Starts from EUR 20.00. Ticket prices may change as the event approaches.

The event is intended for an adult audience. Children under the age of 5 may not be admitted to events for an adult audience.

Unnumbered tickets only for visitors in wheelchairs.


  • School children, students, teachers, seniors – 25%

  • Seniors with group I and II disabilities, and their carers – 50%

  • Family tickets – 1 or 2 adults + 2 children (or more) – 25%

Group tickets:

  • 10-30 persons – 20%

  • 30 and more persons – 25%

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