2. OCTOBER 11.00


The Rīga Circus will bring joy to families at the Liepāja Art Forum!

The performance Lemon and Honey, produced by the Rīga Circus, is a touching and playful story of friendship, joy, sadness, and everyday situations, showing that joy and play can always be found among the solemnity of life. 

When a boy is in a good and friendly mood, a girl might not be. And vice versa! There are, however, moments when an understanding is possible, just like a somersault, singing on top of each other’s shoulders, and the skill of catching a falling flower pot. Circus means merriment and wonder, and why could that not be applied to all of life and relationships!

This amusing and playful story for young audiences will be danced and sung by two passionate aerial acrobats, Grete Gross from Estonia and Juha-Matti Eskelinen from Finland. 

Participants will be able to attend 3 different workshops:

  • juggling station (balls)
  • juggling station (scarves and Chinese plate spinning)
  • balance station (stilts and balance pedals, bucket stilts for younger children)


Intended audience: children aged 4 to 13

Producer of natural soft drinks Gardu Muti will meet attendees before the performance with delicious drinks and exciting surprises. 


Duo Homeles Moreles: Grete Gross and Juha-Matti Eskelinen 

Consulting choreographer: Agnese Vanaga

Workshops by:

Professionals of the Rīga Circus School

Grete Gross has been into aerial acrobatics since her childhood – first, she attended the Folie Circus Studio in Tallinn for 9 years, and, in 2015, she graduated from the aerial acrobatics class at the SaSak Circus School in Finland. Since graduating, the artist has worked with several international circus troupes in Estonia and Finland (Big Wolf Company, Mago, Stunt Theatre Kajakas) and gained success as a solo performer.

Juha-Matti Eskelinen is a circus artist from Finland. He is a graduate of the SaSak Circus School with a major in floor acrobatics and Chinese pole acrobatics. Prior to his studies, Juha took an interest in parkour and dance sport. Juha-Matti has worked with several international companies (Cirque de Puces, Schüü) and performed solo.

 Attend several events of the Liepāja Art Forum for a special price. The offer applies if purchasing tickets to different concerts: 

  • 1 concert = standard price
  • 2 concerts = 10 euros* per ticket
  • 3 and more concerts = 7 euros* per ticket

*Only one type of discount is applied. The offer applies when purchasing tickets at Biļešu Paradīze sales points in Latvia.


Chamber hall

Event duration:

11.00-12.00 / ~ 1h


Starting from € 10.00 (Ticket prices may change closer to the event)

Organized by:

Lielais dzintars sadarbībā ar Rīgas cirku

Supported by:

Liepaja municipality, European Regional Development Fund

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