1. OCTOBER 19.00


One of the leading avant-garde ensembles in Europe, soundinitiative, will offer a unique listening experience at the Liepāja Art Forum – an interactive music performance where music will intertwine with audiovisual improvisations, elements of theater, video, and electronica. The artists have devised a special program“TOUCH” for the space of the Great Amber, fusing the boundaries among styles, aesthetics, and the role of a performer.

“TOUCH” is an ambulatory concert experience. During the one and a half hours experience, we explore various pieces through a common thread of touch through the representation of the hand. The video artist Yukao Nagemi, in connection with the different pieces of the programme, projects coloured and sometimes drawn images live on the walls of the concert hall in reaction to the musicians' performance and the audience's movements. Hand movements and touch are highlighted in each creative work by the visuals and instrumental/performative playing of the all musicians. This experience is a poetic approach to the need for social ties and we encourage this through placing the audience in close proximity to the musicians.

 is an ensemble of nine musicians from Paris who create space and location-specific concerts. The ensemble’s approach is based on original musical creations enriched by theater, dance, visual and performance art with fluent boundaries between performers and creators. The musicians are developing a unique artistic form which is intended to be an invitation for the audience to discover the hidden sides to their musical perception by using an extensive sonic experience. In this experience, anyone can look into the very heart of creating music, intensified by the artists’ passion for sharing!

This performative concert will feature original works by the ensemble artists: Franco Venturini's creation for four performers who interact with the pianist by manipulating the interior of the piano and a musical-gestural work written for the ensemble by Winnie Huang. The last piece of the concert is an original work by Benjamin Soistier and visual artist Yukao Nagemi. Video mapping, in perfect sync with the interaction of the ensemble's DJ and percussionist, will merge contemporary video clips from the concert with live graphics pulsating with sound. The musicians will progressively join the performance, from performative gestures to dance, inviting the audience to share the musical and graphic settings.

The programme also includes works by Ukrainian composer Anna Korsun and French composer Julien Malaussena and the audience interactive work “Constella(c)tions” by Brazilian composer Michelle Agnès Magalhaes, created at the renowned music and sound research institute IRCAM. It will present the principles of interactive musical compositions - body gestures and collective interaction at the center of musical performances. The composition is based on web-based audio tools and mobile technology, using smartphone motion sensors to control sound according to body movements.

The French ensemble soundinitiative was formed in 2011 in Paris and joins nine musicians from China, France, England, Italy, and Poland, each of them with previous solo and chamber music careers in France and abroad. The ensemble has gained recognition with their revolutionary approach to music and performance in which they defy the boundaries between composer and performer. soundinitiative create a unique artistic form for each piece, inviting the audience to discover hidden experiences of the art of sound. They have performed all over Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. The collective are also residents at the Arts Center of Enghien-les-Bains (2019–2023) near Paris.



Ensemble soundinitiative

Franco Venturini, piano

Benjamin Soistier, DJ

Yukao Nagemi, vide

Attend several events of the Liepāja Art Forum for a special price. The offer applies if purchasing tickets to different concerts: 

1 concert = standard price
2 concerts = 10 euros* per ticket
3 and more concerts = 7 euros* per ticket

*Only one type of discount is applied. The offer applies when purchasing tickets at Biļešu Paradīze sales points in Latvia.


Great hall

Event duration:

19.00-20.30 / 1 h 30 min


€ 15.00 (Ticket prices may change closer to the event)

Organized by:

Lielais dzintars

Supported by:

Liepaja municipality, the French Institute in Latvia, European Regional and Development Fund 


  • Students, teachers, seniors – 25%
  • Persons with group I and II disabilities and their companions – 50%
  • Family tickets: 1 or 2 adults + 2 (or more) children – 25%

NB.  Upon attending a concert, the attendee must show personal identification.

Group tickets:

  • 10–30 persons – 20%
  • 30 and more persons – 25%

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