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At the end of the year, the Concert Hall will be visited by three chamber musicians of the highest league, known and loved all over Europe. Violinist Florian Donderer, cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, and pianist Kiveli Dörken are working on a special program for Liepāja that features Maurice Ravel’s Piano Trio and Felix Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 2. The musicians have also prepared a special surprise for the audience – an opus by a Latvian composer.

Florian Donderer is a brilliant chamber orchestra concertmaster or first violin, a passionate chamber performer, and workshop teacher. Latvian musicians know him well – for many years, he was the concertmaster at one of the best chamber orchestras in the world, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, and he has collaborated with Paavo Järvi and the Estonian Festival Orchestra. He often performs with his partner, the outstanding and versatile cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, lately also joined by young pianist and rising star of chamber music, genius of motion, drive, and mood Kiveli Dörken

‘We have been playing together in various ensembles for a long time. Tanja and I have been playing at the chamber music festival founded by the wonderful pianist Lars Vogt for many years. Kiveli as well, who was Lars’ protégé. She is a remarkable pianist and combines fierce energy, ease, and spark. The trios of Mendelssohn and Ravel are written with great elegance and skill. At the same time, they are not pompous at all. It is pure and honest, invigorating and complex music with a deep impression on the soul. Perfect for this team of musicians,’ Florian Donderer describes the collaboration on this program.

Together, they have played at Wigmore Hall in London and Carnegie Hall in New York. Critics have praised the musician’s ability to convey a fascinating freedom of expression, an emotional depth, and a close collaboration. 

Maurice Ravel’s Trio in A Minor was composed in 1914, shortly after the beginning of World War I, right before Ravel volunteered to become a nurse’s assistant. This piece was heavily influenced by Basque folklore from the composer’s homeland. In the second movement of the Trio called Pantoum, Ravel used music to embody pantoum, a Malaysian verse form in which the second and fourth lines of each four-line stanza become the first and third lines of the next and the first and last line of the entire poem are the same. This type of verse was quite popular with French and English Romantic poets. The music is full of joy, breezy vitality, and a clever collaboration of the instrumentalists.

Felix Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 2 was written in 1845 as an homage to the composer’s dear friend, composer and violinist Louis Spohr, and presented as a birthday gift to the composer’s beloved sister Fanny Mendelssohn. It is music illuminated by the light of Classicism, both restlessly moving and ecstatically beautiful.  

To oppose some critics who are not well-versed in the music of the early nineteenth century, who bitterly concluded that the ‘golden age of music was over’, Mendelssohn’s contemporary and close friend Robert Schumann was certain that: ‘Mendelssohn is the Mozart of the nineteenth century, the most brilliant musician, the one who most clearly sees through the contradictions of the age and for the first time reconciles them.’ His vivacious and intricate music is proof that Schumann’s opinion was no exaggeration.


Florian Donderer, violin

Tanja Tetzlaff, cello

Kiveli Dörken, piano

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Chamber hall

Event duration:

15.00-16.20 / ~ 1h 20min / 2 daļas


Starting from 10.00 (Ticket prices may change closer to the event)
Intended for: 7+

Organized by:

Great Amber

Supported by:

Liepāja City Council and the State Culture Capital Foundation


  • Students, teachers, seniors – 25%

  • Persons with group I and II disabilities and their companions – 50%

  • For holders of the Honorary Family Card ("3+ Ģimenes karte") or LT ("Šeimos kortelė") or EST ("Perekaart") – 25%

NB.  Upon attending a concert, the attendee must show personal identification.

 Group tickets:

  • 10–30 persons – 20%

  • 30 and more persons – 25%

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