17. NOVEMBER 19.00


In celebration of 104 years of the Republic of Latvia, Liepāja Great Amber Concert Hall are inviting all to a festive state celebration concert honoring Latvian academic and folk music with contemporary Latvian a cappella band Latvian Voices, pianist Reinis Zariņš, and the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra led by conductor Kaspars Ādamsons.

The celebration program will include both passionate and romantic works of Latvian academic music, from the newest compositions to early piano concertos, to gems of our folk music in fresh symphonic arrangements.

With Kaspars Ādamsons as conductor, the concert will be opened by the musically radiant and powerful Concert Overture for Symphony Orchestra by composer Ilona Breģe, which was first performed at the season opening of the J. Vītols Latvian Academy of Music student orchestra last fall. This year, it will bring dazzling emotion to listeners at the state celebration program, performed by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra. 

Continuing the concert, virtuoso pianist Reinis Zariņš will join the stage to interpret the first and only Piano Concerto by Latvian music powerhouse, exceptional composer Jānis Mediņš. It radiates astonishing beauty and passion between the dynamic tones of piano music and the romantic sound of the symphony orchestra. Musicologist Inga Godunova has described J. Mediņš music: “Being the amazing talent that he was, he let his music speak for itself. He did not enjoy theoretic deliberation and analytical contemplation. Beauty and composure are what concisely define Mediņš’ aesthetic.” 

A special union of ethno-folk and symphony music will be brought in the second part of the concert by vocal ensemble Latvian Voices, who will perform the band’s revered folk song cycle Latvietes mīts (The Myth of the Latvian Woman) together with the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra. Over the years, this work has transformed from its original a cappella sound to a concert performance where poems by Latvian female poets are joined in amongst folk songs. At the state celebration concert, it will be presented in a new light, shifting from a delicate cycle for vocals to a rich orchestra sound. 

Latvian Voices describe their folk cycle: “This is a story of a woman from her birth to her last days, told through folk lyrics and Laura Jēkabsone’s music. These songs combine the voices of the past, present, and future. These songs echo in the voices spoken and sung by our mothers. And their mothers, and their mothers’ mothers. These voices run in our veins. They are inherited. Transformed. Living on.”


Latvian Voices

Reinis Zariņš | piano

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra

Kaspars Ādamsons | conductor

Event duration:

19.00-21.10 / ~ 2 h 10 min

Organized by:

SIA "Lielais dzintars"

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