1. OCTOBER 17.00


Liepāja Art Forum

We will close the festival at the Seaside Park, next to the Mother of Wind monument, with the site-specific musical performance All the Birds Sing. It is a documentary participatory performance offering the audience unusual perspectives on the boundaries of culture and nature, where the cultivated and the natural, human order and natural wilderness clash.

All the Birds Sing is a participatory performance where professional artists collaborate with the local community. For this performance, artists will work alongside young people who sing in choirs. However, the choirs do not merely perform the musical score – their contemplations on singing and the relationship between man and nature will become part of the dramaturgy. Through listening and hearing the stories of birds and humans, the audience will also help create the complete sound of the performance.

‘In Latvian mythology, songs of people and birds help to arrange the world. The yellow wagtail, the sparrow, the hazel hen, the corncrake, the woodpecker, the skylark all play important roles. However, their populations are currently facing a rapid decline. Due to intense farming and logging, their voices have been silenced all over Europe, or will be soon. That includes Latvia. What does this mean to Latvians who sing in choirs? Is our song and singing able to rearrange the world so that the vulnerable voices are not lost? I wish to give people who are passionate about singing an opportunity to realize that our voices have power not only in the large joint choir of the Song and Dance Festival, that our voices can not only be beautiful but also serve to protect others who sing – birds. We tell the tale of people and birds meeting, coexisting, sharing lives and songs. And we ask the question – where does the value of a bird’s song lie?’ director Krista Burāne introduces the concept of the performance.

Director and writer: Krista Burāne

Composer: Jēkabs Nīmanis

Dramaturgy consultant: Jānis Balodis 

Designer: Pamela Butāne

Choreographer: Kristīne Brīniņa

Conductor: Patriks Kārlis Stepe

Actors: Artūrs Čukurs, Elīza Dombrovska, Rūta Holendere, Anna Klišāne, Armands Siliņš-Bergmanis

Participates: Visu putnu koris 

Producer: Dirty Deal Teatro  in collaboration with Story Hub

The performance will take place in the open air without seats. During it, you will have to move around the surrounding area. Visitors are invited to wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing.

Festivāls "Liepājas Mākslas forums 2023" – daudzveidības svētki!


Seaside Park, next to the Mother of Wind monument (Zvejnieku aleja 11A, Liepaja)

Event duration:

17.00-20.00 / Līdz 3h


EUR 10.00. Ticket prices may change as the event approaches.

The event is intended for an adult audience. Children under the age of 5 may not be admitted to events for an adult audience.

Organized by:

SIA Lielais Dzintars

Supported by:

Liepāja City Council and European Regional Development Fund,

State Culture Capital Foundation, Kurzeme Planning Region, Latviešu vēsturiskās zemes


  • School children, students, teachers, seniors – 25%

  • Seniors with group I and II disabilities, and their carers – 50%

  • Family tickets – 1 or 2 adults + 2 children (or more) – 25%

Group tickets:

  • 10-30 persons – 20%

  • 30 and more persons – 25%

Attend several events of the Liepāja Art Forum for a special price. The offer applies if purchasing tickets to different concerts:
  • 1 event = standard price
  • 2 and more events = 10 euros* per ticket
If you want to attend all the events - we reccomend buying festival ticket:

*Only one type of discount is applied.
The offer applies when purchasing tickets at Biļešu Paradīze sales points in Latvia.

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