For Tenants



The heart of the concert hall is the Great Hall whose exceptional acoustics and multifunctionality makes it perfect for high artistic quality acoustic and symphonic music concerts, choir, and opera performances, as well as amplified events - jazz, contemporary and popular music concerts, dance performances, and other cultural events. It is also suitable for commercial events, congresses, conferences, and other large-scale events.

The hall can be transformed to suit the specific requirements of the event and the planned audience by modifying the stage and seating area arrangement:

1. Number of seats with the small stage: 972
Small stage – 160,2 m2
Main seating area – 520 seats
1st balcony – 303 seats
2nd balcony – 149 seats

2. Number of seats with the large stage: 882
Large stage – 215,5 m2
Main seating area – 430 seats
1st balcony – 303 seats
2nd balcony – 149 seats

Technical parameters:
Ceiling height – 23 m
Total floor area (slanted floor) – 1170 m²
Main seating area and stage (even floor) – 490 m²
Stage – 160 m²
Large stage – 215 m²

In addition, we offer following services and equipment for rent:

  • Multi-media projector - 20 000 lumens
  • Projection screen 6.25x10 m
  • Lectern for speakers
  • Whiteboard + paper + markers
  • WI-FI
  • Air conditioning
  • Catering
  • Free parking – 180 parking places
Download: Lielās zāles sēdvietu plāns