For Tenants



The concert hall’s beautiful and unusual architecture allows also other spaces and lobby areas in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor to be used for different informal events, including for exhibition or merchandise sales purposes, or for holding coffee breaks during cultural or corporate events.

Northern Lounge
Ceiling height – 15 m
Floor area – 130 m²

2nd floor lobby – expo area
Ceiling height – 2.40 m
Floor area – 250 m²

2nd floor lobby – coatroom
Ceiling height – 2.30 m
Floor area – 210 m²

2nd floor cafe
Ceiling height – 2.30 m
Floor area – 90 m²

3rd floor lobby
Ceiling height – 2.70 m
Floor area – 150 m²

In addition, we offer following services and equipment for rent:
  • Additional lightning and sound systems
  • Additional multi-media projector
  • Additional projection screen
  • WI-FI