Timurs Tomsons

Chairperson of the Board

The captain and visionary of the Concert Hall. He safely navigates this ship through any storm. With high demands towards himself and others, Timurs always gets the job done while others are waiting around. His actions speak for themselves, and the first Latvian digital concert hall, brought to life by Timurs, allows these actions to be heard not only at home, but all around the world.
phone no. Saziņai aicinām izmantot e-pastu

Aldis Kaupa

Board Member

The operational leader and safe hands of the Concert Hall. Loyal to the building ever since its foundation stone – he has gotten to know it as a united, live machine and now sees each corner and little detail of it. Wise and practical, he will always give advice when asked. Expert and implementer of energy efficiency.
phone no. +371 29123418

Orests Silabriedis

Artistic Director

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Agnese Blumberga

Office and Human Resources Manager

Documents, digital and printed, rules, regulations, contracts, letters, registries and archives. She cracks open strategies, action plans, connections and structures, all with ease. Described in three words – logic, helpfulness and kindness.
phone no. +371 29918307

Aiva Juhnevica

Deputy Head of Marketing and Public Relations

Courage, enterprise and ambition are the things Aiva brings to the marketing and public relations team. Impenetrable logic and colossal work capabilities help her crack tough situations one after another. She can provide coworkers with warm support and tough love alike. Income and sales numbers are Aiva’s comfort zone.
phone no. +371 28268404

Anita Lazdeniece

Public Relations Specialist

Professional, knowledgeable, ambitious and invariably positive. Order and determination for every single detail are what characterize Anita. Fresh inspirations and current trends – that’s what Anita is all about!
phone no. +371 29817736

Indulis Pelnēns

Digital Project and Advertising Specialist

A master of digital advertising. He sees the world through a third eye. The camera. A person who knows how thing should be – from simple ad layouts to trendy videos that carry the name of the Concert Hall out into the world. Indulis’ smile and his positive attitude come hand in hand with his impenetrable calm, composure and agility. An excellent set of qualities!
phone no. +371 26638899

Sanija Tamuža-Širmane

Sales and Communications Specialist

Working at two companies and studying at the same time? Why not? With Sanija’s capacity for work, the sky is the limit! Smiling, warm and full of energy. The safe support and battery of her marketing team.

Diāna Daiva Priediena

Head of the Project Department

A very open and sociable person. Diāna works with great enthusiasm and professionalism, paying attention to each detail. You can give Diāna just a couple of pointers, and she will understand the task and do it at the highest level.
phone no. +371 22337541

Ēriks Zeps

Project Manager

Being a practicing musician and ethnomusicologist, he knows the world of music inside out. Always kind to both coworkers and guests and artists of the Concert Hall. Quick learner and organizer. Ēriks’ strong suit is communication, even in Latgalian if needed.
phone no. +371 28020050

Edgars Āboliņš

Conference and event organizer

A very knowledgeable and experienced project manager. Popular music concerts are right up Edgars’s alley. His skill of technical thinking, experience and kind approach are what you will value the most for your events at the Concert Hall.
phone no. +371 26855569

Elīna Kundziņa

Customer Service Manager

Elīna has been working at the Concert Hall since the very beginning. She takes care of the well-being of our customers and the work of the customer support team, ensuring it works as a well-oiled machine. And she is great at it! She can make a connection with anyone and handle any request.
phone no. +371 28679993

Imants Auznieks

Head of the Technical Department

It’s no wonder that Imants has been nominated for the annual Technical Support Award for many years, because, without him, the machinery and pulse of the Concert Hall would not be possible. He can consult on the technical design of a stage as well as on the workings of the ventilation system. A person whose support can be felt at every event of the Concert Hall.
phone no. +371 26454841

Jurģis Ozols

Senior Lighting Engineer

Our lights person whose actions speak louder than words – whatever the promise, he will deliver that, and more. A kind, responsible and meticulous person who is trustworthy and whose events bring not only nuances of color and light but also a desire to form a long-term collaboration.
phone no. +371 22170681

Rainers Kornhubers

Lighting Engineer

Jānis Straume

Sound Engineer

The world and nuances of sound is Jānis’ world, where he brings the ability to adjust for the many gammas of a symphony orchestra as successfully as for the clear sound of Elīna Garanča’s solo performance. Jānis combines the impossible – he is a person of infinite talents. His domain – the audio sound studio.
phone no. +371 28831686

Dainis Meļņiks

Sound Engineer

“I came, I saw and I got it done” – that is Dainis’ attitude towards work, which ensures that all events are kept at a high quality with attention to detail. He is a great listener who can do and adjust anything so that the sound of each Concert Hall event, from conference recordings to large format concerts, has a high quality.
phone no. +371 29755414

Gunta Treide

Head of Finance and Accounting

Financial flows, profit and loss estimates simply give in to her. With her brilliant intuition for situation development and her outlook on future prospects, the Concert Hall is in great hands.
phone no. Saziņai aicinām izmantot e-pastu

Santa Eglija


A wizard with invoices, reports, numbers, she sees everything clearly and is able to explain it to her colleagues who get overwhelmed by numbers. Kindness and patience and Santa’s middle names.
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Iveta Tumaščika

Head of the Jurisdiction Department

She eats Cabinet regulations for breakfast, contracts for lunch and procurements for dinner. A vigilant guardian of the rule of law at the Concert Hall, she helps to resolve difficult situations and is excellent at predicting developments and risks. We are all good with the law!
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Baiba Millere

Procurement specialist - legal assistant

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Baiba Bartkeviča

"Liepaja Art Forum" Artistic Director

A worldly view, artistic boldness and continuous sharpening the intellectual senses – that is every day for Baiba.  She knows the world of art and music as the back of her hand and gladly reveals new heights in art to others.
phone no. Saziņai aicinām izmantot e-pastu

Dace Jansone

Customer Service Specialist

If you want to learn something about the Concert Hall, follow Dace on social media! If you’re experiencing a problem and have reached the Information Center of the Concert Hall, Dace’s analytical mind and logical approach will solve it.
phone no. +371 63424555

Baiba Dišlere

Customer Service Specialist

Her warmth, kindness and tolerance has been experienced by each person who has ever approached the ticket office of the Concert Hall. Baiba’s kindness is invaluable also when she is helping to educate our listeners about the Great Amber. An amber truly set in Liepāja.
phone no. +371 63424555