Great Hall


Excellent acoustics and functionality for your  planned event: for symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, jazz orchestra, choir, pop music (with  sound systems) and other greatly staffed artistic associations’ concerts, as well as for congresses, conferences, etc.

Orchestra pit elevated to the level of the hall, achieving  the optimums number of spectators (seats placed over the pit; spectators can also sit in  the chorister seats).  

Stage area 160.2 m2

The maximum number of seats together 1000 + 10 (VIP) + 128 (choir balcony)

Acoustics – re-vibration time approximately 2 sec. in the average frequency zones, which can be reduced to 1.5 sec. by the use of acoustic curtain.  

Stage top machinery – 22 attachment/fixation points at length of 3m at the ceiling of the hall in the longitudinal direction 4 built-in (2 pcs. 20m, 2 pcs. 5m long) working  rails for chain / cable telphers (16 pcs.), hung with manually controllable carriage –  coupes. Telpher payload from 12 kN to 50 kN.

Maximum number of seats 1128

Number of seats in the hall 527
Stage 160 m²
Orchestra pit 53,3 m²
Hall 491 m²


• Multimediju projektors 20 000 lumeni
• Projekcijas ekrāns 6.25x10 m
• Lektora tribīne
• Tāfele + papīrs + marķieri 
• Gaisa kondicionēšana
• Ēdināšanas pakalpojumi
• Bezmaksas autostāvvieta 180 vietas


Edgars Āboliņš
Conference and event organizer
t: +371 26855569