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T h e j o u r n e y o f l o v e

"Hâl", the new project of the percussionist Keyvan Chemirani conceived around the voice of his sister Maryam Chemirani.

With Hâl, Keyvan Chemirani creates a luxury case, sometimes silky and luminous, sometimes lively and playful, for the charismatic voice of his sister Maryam Chemirani. Relying on the finesse of his playing on the Indian santour and his brilliant ingenuity on the Persian zarb, Keyvan Chemirani has surrounded himself for this project with true goldsmiths: the virtuoso flutist Sylvain Barou with his warm and deep sound; his brother Bijan Chemirani, delicate and sensitive on the saz and with an astonishing precision on the percussions.
Hâl explores the oriental modality (Iran, India, Turkey...) through original compositions, with a few stops in Celtic countries as a bonus.

Let's embark together on this journey of love where hâl, that ecstatic state of both awakening and forgetting oneself in Persian learned music, is our beacon, our direction!

"Playing with the family, on stage, has always been a special experience. As a natural continuation of learning about life and music, as well as a return to one's roots.

I naturally wanted to offer a programme surrounded by my sister Maryam, my brother Bijan and my brother at heart Sylvain Barou. In the continuity of my previous projects (work around the Indo-Eastern modality, acoustic training highlighting ornamentation, the richness of rhythmic patterns, back and forth between the festive and the meditative, space for improvisation within a precise framework...), I chose to centre it around the voice of my sister Maryam Chemirani, whose generosity, warm timbre and charisma touch me deeply and in my opinion deserve a full and complete exhibition. With the marvellous virtuoso Sylvain Barou - about whom one could say, as Rumi said of the ney reed flute, that "it is not air that comes out of his flute, but fire! " - and Bijan Chemirani's delicate sensitivity on the saz and his stunning precision on the percussion, we have a luxury case, sometimes silky, sometimes lively, playful and luminous. As is often the case, the need to open up the world of oriental modality is a necessity.

By feeding on various influences (jazz, improvised music...).

By drawing inspiration from the intimate prosodic relationship between text, rhythm and melody, by letting the mystery between the substance (meaning of the poems) and the form (the sound, the rhythm, the music of the words) come alive.

By opening up the percussion instrumentarium, with the use of a set closer to the drums (tom bass snare drum and cymbals).

By allowing Maryam to sing not only in Persian but also for the first time in English, with the idea of keeping the lines simple despite the use of learned elements of language, to have a slightly folk colour.

"My road is on the path my heart has taken," says Saadi. This journey made up of compositions and a few traditional pieces rearranged (Irish, Turkish, Persian) is also a journey of love, following the philosophy of Persian mystics, emphasizing love as a philosophy of life! And may we together get closer to the "hâl", that ecstatic state of both awakening and forgetting oneself, which is sought after in oriental scholarly music! »


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The event is intended for an adult audience. Children under the age of 5 may be denied attendance to events for adult audiences.

Concert with no intermission, duration: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
Organized by: Great Amber
Supported by: Liepāja City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation
Tickets: from 10.00 euros. Ticket prices may change approaching the event.
Place: Great Hall

Students, teachers, seniors – 25%
Persons with group I and II disabilities and their companions – 50%
Family tickets: 1 or 2 adults + 2 (or more) children – 25%

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Group tickets:
10–30 persons – 20%
30 and more persons – 25%